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NOV 2015

Our Diamond Partner

Eurogas Moscow Russia Group

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Eurogas is a Russian mass producer of new generation CNG and LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) filling stations. The company has been in the Russian market since 1994, which speaks to its high-tech manufacturing, partnerships with global manufactures and close contact with the Russian government. Market analysis and price monitoring show Eurogas as the clear leader in the Russian market as well as in a number of CIS countries. Eurogas fulfills 70% of all orders in Russia and provides a full range of services for introducing CNG filling stations: development, production, design, supply, supervised installation, commissioning and start-up, service maintenance, client consulting for design, and employee training for CNG stations. The company also works in reconstructing, repairing, and modernizing existing CNG filling stations and compressor stations. Eurogas installs automation and control systems for CNG stations, which allow for remote monitoring of the station via a GPRS connection and includes an SMS alert system. Eurogas offers its partners flexible pricing and payment terms with leasing options. Equipment for CNG filing stations is built according to the customer’s technical specifications, based on Eurogas technology. Eurogas is an official partner of international various equipment manufacturers for CNG filling stations and compressor stations. The company currently offers Eurogas equipment in block and block-container designs. Using two or more compressors in CNG stations allows for the efficient operation of its assemblies because of a special algorithm that prioritizes the work and the filling of batteries with gas. Progressive technologies have been implemented in the compressors currently being used, thereby delivering optimum performance, maximum flexibility, and adjustability. Gas drying units are also available in block and block-container models and are designed to allow installation in the shortest time possible on all existing types of CNG filling stations, from both domestic and foreign manufacturers. Eurogas uses high-pressure tanks in the manufacture of pressure compensators, ensuring reliability and high performance from our equipment. The Measuring and Control System (MCS) was developed and certified by Eurogas for filling vehicles with compressed natural gas. The system is built on a mass flow meter, which is designed to measure the mass flow rate of liquids and gases using the Coriolis flow meter principle. The Measuring and Control System is part of the CNG filling station and is the basic structure for its automatic gas calculation system. Using this system on CNG stations is a first in Russia and ensured effective and stable calculations for natural gas. The MCS has between one and eight gas pumps, the required number of electronic blocks for an automated control system. A large percentage of CNG filling stations in many of Russia’s regions use this system. Eurogas is the only company in the world to design and manufacture new generation automobile fueling systems for all types of cars that run on methane gas and propane as alternative engine fuels.

The Company’s slogan is just three words:

Energy, Ecology, Evolution


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